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wifi keeps dropping out since sunday morning

hi, my wifi has been dropping out every few minutes since sunday (its tuesday), it seems to be on a loop of trying to connect, connecting then dropping out because the bottom light is solid (superhub 3) then it starts to flash, then all the lights flash green, then red then the bottom 2 lights flash green then eventually the solid bottom light comes on for a few moments then it happens all over again.  i have checked the service status but comes back there is no problems in our area! but my sons friend who lives a few streets away is having the same issue!! we have done all the usual checks (turning on and off!)  i know i should ring virgin to ask about issues in our area, but i do dread doing that.  i have of course tried to do the online chat but 'obviously' its not on!!!  has this happened to anyone else, where virgins service status is wrong?


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Re: wifi keeps dropping out since sunday morning

The status checker only shows something if a lot of people are affected so that's normal.

You'll have to phone unless you want to wait a week for the forum staff to reply I'm afraid.


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Re: wifi keeps dropping out since sunday morning

Hello tracable, 

Thanks for getting in touch Smiley Happy

Apologies for your recent connection problems. I've just taken a look and it appears that you're back up and running with no on-going faults. 

Please let us know if you need help with anything else at the moment. 

Take care. 


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