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wifi has signed me out & wont accept my password!


the ringed wifi network is minethe ringed wifi network is mineThis evening [Wednesday] i noticed my wifi was not connected to my mobile.
Whenever i'm at home my wifi automatically signs my mobile phone in, but for some unknown reason I've been sign out of my wifi.
My hub3 seems to be working normally, so i tried to sign back into my wifi, but it wont let me sign back in!
I have not changed the password & i know i'm putting in the correct digits. Yet it keeps saying "authentication error" & wrong password.
I checked my postcode on the Virgin Media status checker & it says there's no current problems in my Peterborough [PE2] area.
So i'm really confused.
Does anyone know why this is happening? & how to fix it?



Try deleting / forgetting the VM8258794 entry from the mobile phone.

The mobile phone will create a new WI-Fi connection profile for the Hub and require the password to be re-entered.

I restarted my mobile & it signed into my wifi automatically!
I feel like an idiot now.


You now know how to resolve the issue - there is nothing daft about that !