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wifi dead areas in house

just upgraded my package to maxit, wifi 100 bps, plus phone ,

my problem is that in my study upstairs , i can only get 5 bps, this gives me a problem , my windows pc will not auto connect as it says wifi not in range, 

i have used the connect app to check coverage, and in this room comes up with a black spot, please order a booster, 

this i have tried with no success , are they available ? are they free on the package im on ?

have been advised to move the router, this i cannot do as when fitted by a virgin installation engineer  , only 1 mt of cable was used.

any answers wellcome. JON.

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Re: wifi dead areas in house

Personal view would be to get my own router - This is what I did!

Stable internet over the whole house now and full control over my home network!

The VM hubs are 'somewhat limited' in their wifi capability!

Hub 3 - Modem Mode - TP-Link Archer C7

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Re: wifi dead areas in house

Boosters are only free to customers on the gig or ultimate oomph packages. If you have to pay for one then you’re better off buying your own kit instead. 

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Re: wifi dead areas in house

The package you are on doesn't offer free "pods" to extend  the wireless range.  You can phone up and (if there's stock available, which has been a bit of a problem) pay £5 a month to rent one.  But that adds up, in 18 months that's ninety quid for something you don't own.  You're better off as @lotharmat says to invest in your own wireless kit.  Personally I'd suggest that a mesh wifi system would be a better bet than a standalone router for your circumstances, and (so long as you don't intend to upgrade beyond 100 Mbps) a Tenda Nova MW3 (£63 from eBuyer at the moment) is a sound choice, but limited to 90-100Mbps.  

If there's a possibility you might upgrade speed in the future, then something like a TP-Link Deco M4 or S4 is a good choice.

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