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virgin 'superhub 4' box keeps dropping signal on wifi and ethernet

Hey folks, wonder if u can help me, was given one of these free superhub4 upgrades from my superhub 3. This new hub has a permanent white light on the top but ive noticed that my sons pc and ps4 which are both hard wired to the hub are approx every 30mins or so are saying they have lost connection. This doesn't disconnect him from his games or interrupt his steaming video but the repeated notice popping up every 30mins is so annoying. Ive noticed on occasions the signal bar on my chromebook is looking for a new wifi signal and have narrowed this down to every 30mins or so also that it does that. Painfully staring at the wee symbol to see when it does it. I started monitoring my phone and it too drops out every 30mins. So its deffo happening on both wifi and ethernet signals strangely. Any ideas?

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