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virgin gig1 latency bandwidth and network stability issues

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hi i recently upgraded to virgins gig1 package and ever since ive upgraded ive had nothing but problems with the internet (wireless, wired through virgins wifi pod powerline adapter) using my high end gaming pc (i7 11700KF, RTX 3070ti, wifi 6 ax201 wifi card, 16gb 3600mhz corsair vengeance ram) ive tried to use their help service and their support line and all they are doing is telling me my wifi is fine and theres no problems which is complete **bleep** because how is it when i load up any game on my pc the download speed drops from 800 to 7 and the upload speed drops from 104 to 0.22 ive tried LITERALLY EVERY FIX ONLINE(from splitting the channels to disconnecting everyone in my household and only having my pc on the connection still fails) and nothing has worked ive had engineers out to my house to replace circuit boards and wiring and absolutely nothing has worked i phoned their support line to tell them the wifi pod doesnt work or change anything about the issues they just insisted that its the wifi pod thats faulty even tho its not its just **bleep** and doesnt actually work ive moved my router to 16 different places restarted messed around with the advanced options see if i could get anything to work and nothing im at my wits end with this and virgin media team are telling me that being unable to stream in 720p on a discord call is normal and nothings wrong with my wifi im ready for putting in a request to cancel my contract as i have weeks on weeks of evidence of my wifi cutting out completely and getting lower speed than intended my complaint was forwaded to a manager who just wrote me a 16 page paragraph saying theres nothing wrong i would never ever in my life recommend this scam of a company to anyone £45 a month for unusable internet what a joke 


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Create a BQM here and post the live link (Public IP removed automatically).

Access your HUB on, select 'Check router status', and copy paste each of the tabs' data into here (MAC hidden automatically). You may need to do this across several posts, and click post twice sometimes if an error occurs.

Also check the speed here



sorry i dont know how to find check router status 


It's on the main page when connecting to in a web browser:

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It looks like you are getting full speed to your HUB.

Have you tried a direct connection through ethernet directly to the HUB (No powerline adapters, WiFi pods, etc.)?





@carl_pearce wrote:

It looks like you are getting full speed to your HUB.

Does it...does it really...or are VM making it look good. We have no way of knowing how the real speed works like is speed to hub the same server to speed to device?


this wouldnt be possible at this current point in time because of how my household is set but im no further than 5metres from my router its placed on a shelf right underneath my bedroom my pc is directly above the router ive ordered a cat6 cable to see if its the cat5e cable im using with the wifi pod but i doubt it will help even the engineer i had said i shouldnt be experiencing any issues like this 

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At this piont BQM looks good do we start blaming the users device?

Boot your PC in safe mode with networking and do a speed test


i can assure u it has nothing to do with my pc as ive done thorough system checks on all my hardware and drivers they are all up to date and working fine also the problems im experiencing happen on my xbox series x too just less frequently if i use the wifi pod with a cat5e cable my speed halves from the 200 i barely get anyway on my xbox it also says upnp failed nat type becomes moderate and im unable to connect to xbox parties so i stay wireless