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tcp packets keeps turning off my new Hub 5

Joining in

I have an issue with my new Hub 5 that my old Hub 4 never had I am a content creator for VR and I host events on a platform called VRChat where we use a tool called VRCDN this allows us to stream videos and audio to the VR world for clients to see performances going on. however, since I upgrade to 1GB speed and the new HUB 5 there is a known issue with the brand of router used by Vodafone broadband that causes a disconnect of broadband services. Virgin Media Router issues the issues here are exactly the same as described by most people who play VRChat Known to affect the "Hub 5" with a "RG Crash". there's a specific router manufacturer that borked their firmware so when they receive a lot of tiny TCP packets (how our RTSP streams work) they wrongfully ramp up the power levels too high and basically cook themselves and knocks me off the internet and I do not know what to do about it as I need tiny TCP packets into to take part in said performances going on in VR.


here is a link to site wiki talking about said issue.


Thank I've been going mad looking all over the into for info and think it's just VRC issue and that there is going to be nothing I can do about it. thanks for this.