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sonos and hub5x issues

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My virgin media 1gig connection got installed today and with a new hub5x.

I have spent around four hours trying to get my sonos speakers to connect with no luck, I wish id checked here earlier as it appears to be a known problem but the solutions given so far don't work i.e

  • buy another router and use modem mode - there is no modem mode on the hub5x yet.
  • split the 2.4 and 5ghz ssid - this does not work and also stops you using the wifipods which are possibly the only current workaround

I thought id document my finding if that is helpful for anyone else. I think i have a solution but require someone from VM to to reach out to me please.

I have a 1 x sonos beam, 1 x sub mini and two sonos ones SL's which were acting as the wireless surrounds. All of these were working fine on skys wifi (same 2.4 & 5ghz ssid)

  • The beam connected to the wifi ok with no issue although it was the 1st item i tried
  • the sub would not connect over wifi but did connect over ethernet and stayed connected when i removed the ethernet cable.
  • As i had a spare ethernet under the tv i connected the beam via ethernet and left the sub on wifi, these two appear to be stable.
  • the 2x one SLs are where the issues really started. It appears you cannot have both connected via wifi at the same time. You can connect one and it plays the charms etc and joins the system but the moment you connect the 2nd one both become unavailable (this took literally hours of faffing to realise)
  • To test this i connected one via ethernet (the reason i bought the sonos system in the 1st place was because i couldnt get wires to the surrounds so this workournd is only for testing) and disabled the wifi and then connected the 2nd one via wifi and this works.

So long story short i think the only workaround until such time as VM release a fix for the hub5x is to get at least one of the SL's or possibly both of them on on a wired connection. I'm thinking i could possibly do this via the wifipods so if someone from VM could reach out and help to supply me with both of these at the same time rather than me having to request them individually that would be helpful. 


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The other option would be to buy a 'cheap and cheerful' access point using a different SSID, for your Sonos devices.

Alessandro Volta

Buy a router today connect it by double NAT wait for modem mode



The Hub 5x posts on this forum have not been reporting Wi-Fi connectivity as an issue.
Note "Hub 5" and "Hub 5x" they are not the same device they are not interchangeable.

Has all the Sonos kit been factory reset, and the initial installation process followed to the letter ?

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i don't think its a connectivity issue per se i think its more nuanced than that. all the sonos devices can see the wireless connection and have a strong signal (its literally spitting distance from router to sonos speakers )

the fact this happens the moment the second speaker is connected tells me its something "firmwary" i just dont know what. I've factory reset each speaker as i added them, if this is working for anyone else with a hub5x id be intrigued to know.

Its also definitely the hub5x i have, which i feel isn't ready for prime time yet. I feel like im paying to be VM's tester.

  • told today via vm chat that hub5x doesnt work with the vm connect app (mine just permanently says router not found ) 
  • no modem mode
  • sonos does not work with it

not a great experience so far if I'm honest


VM Connect app is best ignored, it is deeply flawed, we don't have it installed. It does connect with our Hub 3 but reports Latency that is 1000 times the reality and Jitter that is almost 200 times the reality.  Its of no value.

I'm aware of the Hub 5x lack of modem mode, it is possible with
to jump to the Hub 5x Modem mode menu but it has not yet proved possible to operate the Hub 5 in modem mode so we understand why for the moment it is disabled.

Folks struggle to get their Sonos kit to work with VM Hubs 3/4/5. Not having the kit I can never be sure if the issues are operator related and / or technical.  Too often folks just want to scream at the ISP and totally refuse to refer to the manuals when re-connecting Wi-Fi printers & IoTs.