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router - resets every night

Joining in

hi my router resets itself every night at around midnight been doing this for month or two getting frustrating now 



[MOD EDIT: Subject title changed for clarity]


hi is there any update on this as it's still in goinn see screen shots attached 




Hello simonwray,

Sorry this is still ongoing.

I will get in touch with Kath as she has mentioned the local issue.

As soon as I have an update I will let you know.

Some times this is down to a failed firmware update with the Hub.

A factory reset can possibly cure this, like it did last time.

Would you be okay trying that until I get a reply back from Kath.


this was done prior to new hub and nothing changed 


here's more screen shots showin it's still

on going 



Thanks for coming back to us simonwray, would you be able to try a factory reset of your new hub? You mentioned that you had done this on your old hub and this had no affect, would you be able to try this, just so we can rule that out. 

Kind Regards,


if u mean turning router off fully for abortive five mins i've done all that 

Note performing a factory reset of the Hub will clear the Hub's logs.

Looking at the Hub's logs what is recorded at the time the Ring Alarm drops and resumes the connection ?

Has the Hub :-

++ Restarted at that time ?

++ Lost connection to the Virgin Media network at that time ?

++ Shows no signs of any disturbance at that time ?

i take it resetting the hub will be just turning off  for few mins and turning bsck on 

The Hub logs will be cleared if the rear RESET button is used.  

A power cycle does not normally clear the logs.