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router - resets every night

Joining in

hi my router resets itself every night at around midnight been doing this for month or two getting frustrating now 



[MOD EDIT: Subject title changed for clarity]


hi again i'm afraid it appears to still be doing it after a new hub installed rather than send engineer out again can you monitor it and see if it just a one off i've attached a screen shot showing where and when it went off line see if that helps 


Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Thanks for the response there, 

To clarify were there more instances from the two advised via the screenshot where the device dropped off? 

Also are they wired into the router or from range?





here is another two screen shots 

it's all devices what are connected to wi-fi the ring hub is within few feet of hub i receive notifications because of lost internet signal 

Thank you for the information. Can you confirm how the engineer visits went and what the engineers advised?


first engineee re did all wiring and found connection issue


seconf engineer checked something in the main box out side and renewed hub

Hi @simonwray 👋

Thank you for updating your thread. How did the second visit go? Did this help with your connection? How visit looking since your post?












hi it's still doing it few screens shots showing when it was offline 


Hi simonwray, 

Thanks for coming back to us on this one. 

We've done some further checks on your connection and we've identified a connectivity issue that would cause performance related issues with your connection. This issue is impacting at least 25% of the customers in your area. We've automatically raised the issue to our network teams who will investigate and fix the fault in the area.

For now, we have no reference number or estimated fix time but this should update within 48 hours if the fix hasn't been completed by then. 

Once we have more news, we will let you know. 

Apologies once again for the inconvenience. 


Forum Team

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