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purple zone VoIP and emergency call pendants

my 84 year old mother joined VM last year, she has early onset dementia and is prone to falls so has an emergency pendant linked to her landline. During the first Covid lockdown  mom had a fall which coincided to a router failure and her emergency pendant didn't work . Turns out the landline has been upgraded to VoIP so no router no telephone line. Managed to get VM to replace the router as an emergency. Subsequently there have been a number of broadband outages in her area which have left her without any means of calling for help. I asked the engineer who replaced the router if there was anything VM could offer that would provide backup in the event of power failure or router failure, he said he was unaware of anything that was available. I have  read on VM website that VM can provide a device to make emergency calls in the event of power outages. but it does not say how to obtain one.

does anyone know if these devices exist and if they are compatible with emergency pendant systems and how I can obtain one for my mother. the only alternative may be to cancel her contract with VM and go back to BT; there is a conventional BT line into the property though it is currently disconnected



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Re: purple zone VoIP and emergency call pendants

there is an emergency backup solution for vulnerable customers, can't quite remember what it is though.
It might have been mentioned in this lengthy thread

this is something that everyone will need to consider, as even BT will be moving to VOIP sooner rather than later.


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