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poor wifi speed on hub 5

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Ok, I've had plenty of issues with my new contract. From lying bout what was included (TNT Sports, Sky Sports UHD and Netflix UHD were all confirmed as included, and then not included when my contract started and they want £30 a month extra to add them). To a really stupid new Hub5, that blocks VPNs unless you go and change your DNS (Thanks to Client62 for that help)

But my speed is probably annoying me most. I have a 1gb line. On Ethernet, I get about 600-700. Which to me is unacceptable, it's not even 3/4 of what I'm meant to have. But hey, they only guarantee 50% speed, so it's above that at least. But my wifi is awful.

On my Hub3 on Wednesday, I was on 350mb, and I got wifi via 5.ghz at a solid 340mb. Ethernet was always at 360mb. This was even when we had 3 phones connected, a games console and my laptop i did the speed test on. It was great. But right now, I just did a wifi test at 23:45, when usage should be low amongst other houses who may cause interference. With my wife and son in bed, and my phone turned off. No consoles connected, and my laptop is literally 1.5 meters from the god awful router.

Screenshot 2023-10-07 234257.jpg

and thats the best speed I've had all day, and AFTER speaking to customer support which took 6 hours only to be told "do a pinhole reset, I guarantee this will fix the issue" which i did, and then they went offline because it end of shift. I waited 30 minutes for my router to sort itself out. Tested, and that was my speed. 250mb. Issue is definitely not fixed.

Checked my wifi card, its capable of the full 1gb internet on the 5ghz channel. I mentioned in a previous post, I get 500mb constant and flawless at my dads, who is on BT broadband. I could try a router and making this tosh into a modem, but we're in a tiny house, that is converted for disabled living which means space is at a premium. We just have enough shelf space for the Hub, and in order to add a router, I'd likely have to install a small shelf just to house it (this is no exaggeration, there's no where it would fit unless it went under the TV but that would leave antennae blocking the TV, and screw the signal too) So I want to avoid it if I can, and just get this wifi to give me at least 50% of what I'm paying for, or at the very least 400mb, so I can see I'm actually getting more than I had before I was cold called and hornswaggled into a new contract and an upgrade that has left with everything being worse than it was before. 



You are getting the full 1Gb/s service we see that in 1143Mb/s the speed available at the Hub, which is higher than the 1130Mb/s advertised rate.

The real question is why does the desktop computer only draw data at 243 or 600-700.  The reason is almost always down to the software installed / bloatware security suites / too many VPNs installed / and so on.

Boot the computer in Safe Mode + Networking, re run the Realspeed test  ( click on full test ) and see if the speed improves, if it does it is software clean up time, if not the limit of the computers hardware's ability has been reached.

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

*If* you do decide on another router, you can put the Hub under the TV in modem mode, and set the new router on the existing shelf.  However, having a Router tight against a wall is not a good idea, as there could be signal reflection interference on the Wifi.

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As explained in my post, I had the Hub3 until last Wednesday. I got 350 solid on ethernet, 330-350 on WiFi. That was on 3 phones, and 2 different laptops. Those same 2 laptops, and 2 of the phones ran at my fathers and got 500ethernet (on a 500 connection) and 450 on WiFi.

But Hub5 only gives 250-300 on a 1gb? That's clearly not a limit of hardware on my end, because that same hardware is getting much greater speeds elsewhere over WiFi. Ethernet topping out at 700 seems unlikely for a 2 year old gaming laptop, and a 1 year old multimedia laptop.

I've rebooted in safe mode with networking. Same stats.


Adduxi, I rethought the idea of buying a router, and would use a longer cable to connect to the modem (I have a large cat 7 from some IT work I did a few years ago). I could probably then have the router on a small coffee table at the side of the room, as long I can tuck the wire neatly that would be good. Needs to not be an issue for a wheelchair or a nosy dog. But I think I could run it over the door frame instead.



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It sounds like you have a faulty HUB 5, which is not as uncommon as you might think.

I've seen a few posts regarding the same issue and a HUB replacement was required.