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internet & phone outage

Is anyone experiencing issues in B28 area - my phone and internet is out since yesterday and Virgin are totally useless!;

1. Called yesterday and got through after 45 minutes and then when I started to complain she hung on me, tried again and after 30 minutes it cut off - this is all on my mobile which is costing me!

Done online status and reported and engineer due 2nd November, I need to work from home & kids need to study but no help from Virgin!!

Got text to say it will be fixed by 4am this morning, went to logon by 07:30 still no phone or internet, called them again and after 45 minutes told the that there is fault and they are looking at it.

Difficult to explain to my work people my internet is not working, using my hotspot on my phone to work which no doubt will cost me, Kids cannot do their study.

Although my next door virgin services all working ok!!!

I am really fed up with virgin media attitude and especially their call centre attitude who I believe are from abroad, I have nothing against them but they seem to be laughing and joking in the background whilst I am suffering with these issues.  I would break contract and leave if I could, there should be clause to say if they do not perform then I should be allowed to go else where.

I wait in despair for outcome!


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Alessandro Volta
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Re: internet & phone outage

What does the service status page say?

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