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iOS 14 'Weak Security'

If you’ve recently upgraded your iPhone to iOS 14 and you have a Virgin Media Hub 3, or our WiFi Boosters, you may have noticed a message warning of weak security on your WiFi connection. It’s nothing to worry about and your WiFi is still perfectly secure. WiFi security standards are constantly being updated in line with new product and software releases and over time, stronger standards emerge.

If you have a Hub 3 or an older model, or our WiFi Boosters, your WiFi security defaults to WPA-PSK’ ‘WPA2-PSK and it’s the older WPA-PSK standard that generates the message. If you’d like to remove the message from your device, you can update your hub or booster's security settings to WPA2-PSK, just follow these steps:

Hub 3

  • Login to your hub via
  • Enter your admin name and password (this is printed on a sticker on the hub if you haven’t changed the password)
  • Once logged in, go to Advanced settings  > Wireless > Security
  • Click on the dropdown next to Security and change it to WPA2-PSK (note you’ll need to do this for both the 2.4 GHz & 5 GHz network if you’ve separated these)
  • Once you hit save the hub will refresh and when it reconnects the WiFi you should find the message has disappeared

WiFi Boosters

  • Connect a laptop to your Booster using an Ethernet cable.
  • Login to the Booster at http://virginmedia-vmp from a web browser. Note, this page can only be found when connected to the Booster
  • Enter the Settings Password (this is printed on the back of the Booster)
  • Once logged in, go to Wireless settings > Security
  • Under 2.4Ghz Wireless security settings, check Security
  • If 'Security' is not 'WPA2-PSK', then drop down and select 'WPA2-PSK' (note you’ll need to do this for both the 2.4 GHz & 5 GHz network if you’ve separated these)
  • Remember to click Accept Changes when done

You can also find these instructions on our help pages:


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