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contract ends, fails to close account, the poorest customer service!

I am a foreign student leaving UK and going back to home country. I signed a 9-month student broadband contract on 16 September 2017. According to my basic math ability, this contract shall end on 16th June 2018, but I still receive a bill recently that is covering the period between June to July 2018. 

On the day of moving out, June 26th, I got up early and intended to return the broadband equipment to one of the store and close my account. It is ridiculous that I cannot close my account at the store where I opened it last year. Instead, I was suggested to call the number to close the account. 

It took me almost over 2 hours, with 6 attempts in total, but still ended up failing to close the account. 

I suppose it was the most ridiculous moment ever in my life. Every time the guy on the line would not respond me with a prompt manner but was requiring me to provide with my account number, area reference, payment reference, and account password within even 5 seconds.

In the first call, I said, how could I replied you with such quickly given that I need time to check my past bills, and the guy just cut me off. 

In the second call, I asked why I was still billed given that my contract has ended. The guy on the line said sorry and he also had no idea. Seriously? Virgin Media, you gave us no alternative but to call you to solve my problem but your stuff was saying that he did not know? 

In the third call, I suspected the guy is speaking English or not, seriously. According to my listening skills, I was asked to provide the 4th digit of my account password for verification purpose. When I did so, he said he was asking the 2nd digit. This call ended up being told that he could not help me, and it was cut off again. 

In the later calls, the same situations continued, and I have to leave the equipment to one of my friend. 

Now that I have been back to my country, looking for whether there is a single email address that I can get contact with, but clearly no. The online chat is also always busy or closed. 

This is Virgin Media's strategy to let people lose their patience on this stupid phone line. In the same situation with my electricity and water bills, I can easily manage to contact them by email. How on earth can your company call your phone line as 'customer service line' in the case that you would never solve my problem? 

I know some of your team would see this very long post, and you know what? I can just simply cancel my direct debit to you, and if there is any debt I owe you, you would naturally get contact with me by any means. So if any of you, from Virgin Media, see this post, get contact with me by email, as I now only accept this method of contact, just like you only accept phone call as the means of contact. 

In the meantime, the most kindest thing I can do is to kindly tell my friend not to ever use any services from Virgin Media. And I do wish you company to keep the quality of your service, so that people would never suffer things that people like me have ever suffered. 


With my sincerest regards,

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Re: contract ends, fails to close account, the poorest customer service!

you contract moves to a 30 day term.

Your account will not end. No service contracts end at the end of a contract. You have to give 30 days notice to cancel at the end of the contract.

This goes for water, power and gas. They will not cut you off at the end of the contract.


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