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can you downgrade package without using the phone?

I would like to downgrade my broadband to save money. Can I do that without using the phone, which takes too long to get through?

It would be good if you could do it online, you can upgrade online but cannot downgrade online which doesn't make any sense, very frustrating.

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Re: can you downgrade package without using the phone?

You can try the online chat.

If not you’ll need to call in. 

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Re: can you downgrade package without using the phone?

Unfortunately VM make it an unpleasant game both to contact them, and to get a reasonable price.  Even at only £50 a month, because VM now have 18 month contracts, you are negotiating a £900 commitment, don't treat this like haggling over a secondhand lawnmower you're buying from an acquaintance.  So, accepting that "the game is afoot", consider this strategy:

1.  Check out price comparison web sites like Uswitch for the cheapest Openreach package you'd consider - presumably the fastest available from some scumbag outfit like Talktalk, Sky/Now or Vodafone.  In my book this cheapest offer is a bargaining counter, and you will be prepared to share with VM's agent in step 3.

2.  Do your research on Trustpilot and ISPReview to read other customer's reviews on these other companies - maybe draw up a simple table - company, speed, bundle, price, average customer review, and include VM on that table.  I'd say also compare the big ISPs with poor service with smaller customer service focused companies like Zen, Aquiss, AAISP, IDNet, uno and the like.  If it does come to changing and you want the lowest price regardless of service, at least know what to expect.  Personally I'd accept a slightly higher price for far superior service, but that's an individual choice.  You don't share any of these thoughts in the next step!

3.  Phone VM, but select options that will take you through to "retentions" who deal with cancellations.  Know at the start of the call what you want the outcome to be, and know what you will settle for (have these two boundaries written down in front of you along with the table above).  You need to have these boundary values firmly fixed because you won't usually be able to negotiate a deal and leave it on the table whilst you consider it, that's not how the system works.  The agent you are dealing with will probably be paid a bonus if they can retain you, but won't be paid the bonus if you end the call with "I'd like to think about that". 

4.  Explain that your current package is too expensive, and you hope they can help because you're seriously considering the offer from Company Z, and that's only £Y a month, and would save you £XXX over 18 months.  See what they say.  DON'T say "I want to downgrade" up front, see what discount they can offer, then say "thanks but that's still not enough, it is nowhere near Company Z's price, starting from the price you just quoted, what does that become if I downgrade my package?"  Ignore any "throw ins" that you don't want such as (perhaps) a free SIM or a channel package you wouldn't have chosen. 

6.  If you're going to accept the VM offer, this will be a new 18 month contract, get the agent to run through all important aspects including speed, any TV bundles (and channels important to you), any landline and landline add ons, so that this should be recorded on VM's systems in case there's any problem later on.

7.  If the Openreach alternatives are adequate, and VM's best offer still above your minimum, be prepared to say "no" and walk away and cancel (but only cancel when the Openreach line is installed and working). 

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