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YouTube Video Loading Delay on Multiple Devices - Seeking Assistance

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Hello everyone,

I've been experiencing a peculiar issue with YouTube and I'm hoping someone in this tech-savvy community might be able to shed some light on it or provide some suggestions.

The problem started recently when I returned from a holiday. Now, whenever I attempt to play a YouTube video on my MacBook, there's a significant delay (about 10 seconds) before the video starts playing. What's strange is that the rest of the page loads swiftly; it's just the video itself that's lagging (the page loads but the video player remains a blackbox with a loading icon for 10+ seconds. It also runs into the same loading issue when loading adverts - usually they play instantly but there is a 10 second wait for the adverts). I'm seeing the same issue on my phone, too, so it doesn't seem to be device-specific.

Here's what I've tried so far to troubleshoot:

  • Cleared browser cache and cookies
  • Updated Chrome to the latest version
  • Checked if there were any updates pending on my MacBook
  • Tested on different browsers (Firefox and Safari) with the same results
  • Checked for the same issue on other video streaming platforms (Vimeo, for instance, works fine)
  • Attempted to change video quality on YouTube (though due to the loading issue, couldn't access these settings)
  • Disabled hardware acceleration in Chrome
  • Tested YouTube in Incognito/Private mode to see if an extension might be causing the issue
  • Checked my network speed (speed tests results seem fine)

So far, none of these steps have resolved the issue. The delay persists. While it's not a critical problem (once the video starts playing, it runs smoothly), it's still a frustrating experience, especially as the videos used to play instantaneously.

I'm reaching out to this community for any insights, advice, or potential solutions you might have to offer. Is there anything I've missed in working this out?

I've also been suggested to do the following but I wanted to ask here first before doing these:

  • Used a VPN to see if ISP throttling was the issue
  • Flushed DNS and reset TCP/IP
  • Changed DNS servers to Google's public DNS

Thank you for any thoughts



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Any update to this at all? I'm having the same issues!


In the VM online account, make sure Websafe "Child Safe" is OFF.

"Child Safe" blockssocial media &  Youtube adverts causing delays / delivery failure.

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Thanks for the response!

I tried that but unfortunately no luck! still having the same problems across all devices 😞

Anything else I could try?

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi Obaidiio 👋

Thanks for posting and a warm welcome back to the Community Forums.

I'm sorry to hear you're facing a similar issue. For clarity, are you seeing this on WiFi, Ethernet or both connections? Can you also confirm whether you have any 3rd-party equipment, or VPN connections active?


Reece - Forum Team

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