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Yellow flashing light on Hub 5

Joining in

We have had out 1Gbps line for around 2 weeks and after just one week the problems started. Firstly the Internet was dropping out on both WiFi and Lan for a few hours a day and then returning. However the last two days, the Internet is completely down, with the normal white light replaced by a flashing yellow light. I have restarted several times an hour and reset the router several times to no avail.

A technician was called out to have a look, who couldn't even diagnose the issue and just replaced the hub and basically said to contact customer service again since its still not working. I contacted them again, and they go through their script with the usual we check this and that but finally said they can't so anything because the hub is showing offline to them (no s**t hence why I called and had the technician out). Customer service now saying they can't do anything and another technician needs to come - who I assume will do the same checks as the first and reach the same conclusion. How is this resolving my issue by taking me in circles?

By paying such extortionate pricing the least one would expect is a working service given my neighbours have their service working and there are no know faults in the area. How can I get this resolved if customer service can't do anything and the technicians they say will also say there's nothing they can find thats wrong? Am I meant to ask God to magically fix this?


Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi Essak,

Thanks for your post and welcome to the community.

Sincere apologies for the matters faced with the new Hub you have, I can't currently seem to locate any details, when you did have the visit was it just the box that was replaced?

I.e. were no cables looked at?

Also when is the next appointment?

Let us know,