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On our wavelength

Hello all,

Just wondering if anyone on here is a XGS-PON customer with the Hub5x and have been told there is a know fault (that started yesterday) I had the red light on my hub late last night, this morning I now have a yellow light l. Spoken to a few ppl at VM who have told me to wait for a call back. It seems to be effecting all Hub5x customer. Just wondering if this is true or it's just my line.

No faults in the area. Normal customer service cant run test. This is due to the hub I have trying to get through the the Unity team which is a small group is impossible. I managed to get through a month back and they were really helpful because they knew about the Hub5x.

So yeah any Hub5x buddy's on here having no internet today and been told to sit and wait for a call back? 


So update on this, 

Still not broadband since Tuesday.

No call back, (I rang back up)

Engineer booked came today, he has never seen a hub 5x, Didn't do anything ,couldn't fix it. 

Spoke to customer service again, apparently there is nothing an engineer could do so it was a pointless appointment.

Been told to just sit and wait no time scale nothing just sit and wait ..... 

What kind of information is that, sit and wait.... I honestly have had enough of this.

Never been told I would be getting this Hub5x when signing up. 

Getting anything sorted/fix because of this hub is just utter ridiculous l.

5 weeks just to get a WiFi pod ordered

2 weeks to get the WiFi pod active on my account

And now this not broadband for 5 days with no end it sight.

We can certainly appreciate your frustration with this Dizzwell. 

When you spoke with the team agent did they advise the specific time frame?