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Wrong DS channel (affecting speed)

Hi all

I have been checking over my shub 2ac network log and it appears to be displaying downstream channel 17 which is currently locked on. Strangely this used to be on channel 1 or 9??? I have tried rebooting the hub a few times now and the channel 17 does not want to shift affecting my supposed 200mbps broadband speed. Also getting intermittant T3 errors in my log

Should this need to be checked please?

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Re: Wrong DS channel (affecting speed)

The Hub will connect to whatever downstream channels the CMTS tells it to, which can vary to help balance the load between channels.You may not see a certain channel very often but that's not to say there's anything wrong with it.

T3 errors are caused by upstream issues. If you could post your downstream and upstream stats that may help identify the problem.