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Work VPN constantly disconnecting

Joining in

Hi all,

Hoping someone can help!

When working at home, whenever I connect my work laptop to the work Palo Alto VPN (with my Virgin Media Wi-Fi running "in the background"), it connects and works as it should be for approximately 10-15 minutes, only for something which I am assuming is some form of software/firmware within the router blocking something, as it prevents connectivity.

The only workaround I can find is to disconnect and then reconnect, but for a 7.5 hour working day it really isn't feasible for me to constantly disconnect and then reconnect to the VPN.

I have had the laptop (and VPN) checked by the IT department at work and there are no issues raised - they even did a factory reset on the laptop! I have also tried connecting to the work VPN with the laptop at a family member's house who uses BT as their internet provider, and it didn't disconnect once, and worked as it should.

Using process of elimination this would point to an issue with the router or the software/firmware.

However, I called the Support line and they couldn't help (the chap sent some "signals" to the router, but this didn't do anything.

Can anybody advise how I fix this please?

It's getting to the point now where as my contract is up with VM in a couple of months and due to this I'd have to consider moving to another ISP due to these reliability issues.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.




VM Hubs have Smart Wi-Fi ( Channel Optimization ) and Auto Channels on both WI-Fi bands.

The Hub is free to change channel at random and it does often shutting down the Wi-Fi and restarting it seconds to minutes later.

Try disabling Smart Wi-Fi ( Channel Optimization ) and disabling Auto Channels on both WI-Fi bands.

Better still VPN via a network cable.

Alessandro Volta

Use hub in modem mode get your own router with 1Gb ports