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Wireless wifi not working

This morning I awoke with the wifi not working on ALL my wireless device but working on the wired computer. 
After a little research, I discovered what the problem was. The solution was to log in to my Virgin media account 
and to switch on the wireless via "Wireless Network Settings". HOWEVER, when I entered the website "Wireless Network Settings"
was greyed out and did not have a link to open. Thus meaning, I knew the solution to my problem but could not access it.
I have tried multiple different methods to make this work but all proving unsuccessful. Please reply quickly as the wifi is very important in my 
large family and I am paying money for NOTHING!
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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: Wireless wifi not working

Hi MH1234,

Welcome to the community and thanks for posting.

Sorry to read you are having an issue with the wireless connection.

When the option for Wireless Network Settings is greyed out, this can mean that the Super Hub is in modem mode, thus the wireless function has been disabled. Do you notice the wireless light on the router turned off at this time or the side light change a different colour?

If you notice this issue again, check to make sure that modem mode has not been enabled, if so you can turn this off for the wireless to work.

Let me know how you get on


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