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Re: Wired connection - upstairs and downstairs?

you don't need anything near 350Mbps for what you are doing.
you don't even need as much as 100Mbps either.

to be honest, it sounds like you need a business grade product with the relevant SLAs that come with it.
Virgin home broadband won't give you those SLAa or any guarantee of service.
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Re: Wired connection - upstairs and downstairs?

@Chris34 wrote:


No I didn't know that regards low latency and speed. 

I have now read that that speed, bandwidth and latency are things to consider.

So what I am looking for is the quickest execution of trades - ie quickest round trip time - and I thought fast broadband was the answer.

Are you saying that low latency is the rate limiting factor and speed of the broadband is irrelevant?

Thanks very much for your advice.


Are you part of any large trading forums, I would think they are the best to give you advice on what products and suppliers should be best for you. VM might be okay for what your wanting to do.

I would probably look for a business package that has some form of uptime guarantee.  And at a minimum you should ask about Utilization in your area to see if it ever struggles.

There's a London-Frankfurt link of wireless transmitters that bypasses the internet - and it's just for trading.  But as I never jumped into that sorta thing I am not sure if a small part time do it yourself kinda trader would benefit (or take a loss) much due to latency differences in VM vs other providers. might be useful in showing you what is open to you.

I do not work for VM, but I would. It is just a Job.
Most things I say I make up and sometimes it's useful, don't be mean if it's wrong.
I would also make websites for them, because the job never seems to require the website to work.
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