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Wifi won't connect

I came home yesterday and none of my devices could connect to my WiFi connection. Ethernet is fine.

The original problem was that I would get an "Incorrect Password" message, even though the password was correct. I logged into my router and changed the wireless password just in case. I left it 10 minutes and tried again. I had the same problem.

Today I reset my router to factory settings and while the Ethernet is still working the WiFi is still not working. Now in fact it doesn't even give me the incorrect password message, the connection on my phone for example just shows the spinning circle.

I separated the 2.4 and 5Ghz frequencies with different SSID and passwords so I could see if there was an issue with either. Unfortunately I get the same issue on either frequency where it just doesn't connect.

I have tried several reboots etc. 

Does anyone have any other ideas I coudl try or do we think my router has gone **bleep** up?!

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Wifi won't connect

Hi John1982,

Did you manage to get the WiFi sorted, as I can see an iPhone reporting as connected on 5Ghz currently?

Drop us a quick update when you have a minute and we'll do our beat to help out if there are still any issues.


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