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Wifi router issues

My wifi signal is weak when only about 5 meters plus from the router. I've gone through the wifi wins and have changed the location of the router so its away from as many things as possible. It was installed by the engineer right next to the TV and the cables aren't that long so I can't move it too far unfortunately.

With the promise from the engineer that the signal would reach about 50m from the router I was expecting it to cover all my house but that isn't the case at all. 

A secondary problem relates to the booster I bought for my garage/ office which is an outbuilding about 20m from the house, which is on the same electricity circuit but again has even more sporadic connectivity, leaving me unable to work from there. 

Any ideas if there's anything that can be done to the router to make it more reliable and efficient because I feel I'm not getting what I paid for, and certainly getting less coverage than when I was  on Sky

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Alessandro Volta
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Re: Wifi router issues

hubs wifi is always bad so use it in modem mode and better a better wireless router with 1Gb ports.