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Wifi pod

On our wavelength

Can't connect my Hub 5 to the app and the pod just keeps flashing a white light?


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi metalguru, 

Thank you for your post 🙂 
I am sorry that you are having issues with your WiFi pod. 

If your WiFi Pod's light is double-blinking quickly and repeatedly, it's in the process of improving your WiFi. and should only take a few minutes, is your pod still blinking since your post?

For more info, you can check how to troubleshoot here or download our connect app here, our connect app will be able to scan the home and ensure the pods are in the best place to boost your WiFi.

On our wavelength

Been blinking for weeks

On our wavelength

Also can't connect to the connect app. My hub 5 isn't locatable

Hello metalguri.

Thanks for your post regarding the Hub5 not connecting with your Pod.

Can you please try this.

  1. Enter into your browser.
  2. Enter your admin name and password.On the Hub5 sticker
  3. Once signed in, go to Advanced settings > Wireless> Security Select the dropdown next to Security and change it to WPA2-PSK.
  4. Select Apply changes.
  5. Then unplug your Pod and back in again. If that fails let me know and I can take a look. Gareth_L