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Wifi pod not working

Just joined

Hello all

I received 3 Wifi pods from VM a month ago. Since then, I noticed the internet connection was very slow between my devices (computers, iPhone, iPad, Alexia, etc.) and the hub/pods. For example, I used to be able to scroll to the bottom of the page on YouTube (web version) from my iPad but now the YouTube page stops loading half way of the page. 

I reckoned the issue was to do with the Wifi pods, so I switched them all off. Guess what, the internet connection went back to the same speed as I used to have between the devices and the hub. I then switched the pod on one at a time, then I discovered the third/last pod is the one causing the issue.

When all 3 pods connected to the hub, they all showed 'fair' status on the Connect app. But when the last pod is switched off, the other two pods show 'Great' status on the Connect app. 

I phoned VM customer service/technical support to report the issue. I spent 25 mins on the phone. The guy I spoke to say he couldn't find the fault, but then he started selling me another plan, 250MB for £27 a month. Have I missed something here? All I want is to fix the connection issue between my devices and the hub/pods.

Anyway, seeing one of the 3 Wifi pods is not working properly/at all, what can I do about it please? As I did report to VM and they said no fault was found, so how can I resolve the issue with the third Wifi pod please?

Many thanks!