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Wifi in summerhouse

Hi I have a summerhouse at thw bottom of my garden roughly 60ft away from the Hub3.0 what is the best method to get good speed in the summerhouse, indoors I can get 300mbps but in the summer house I can only get 20mbps using a wifi extender, I have heard mesh system are good but not sure which one would work

thank you 


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Re: Wifi in summerhouse

almost identical question asked last night over in tech-chatter - ima just copy-paste what i put in there...

The best option would be to buy some CAT5e / CAT6 that is graded for external use and run a cable from the hub to the workshop.  Infact, you may as well run two.. the cable is cheap, the labour to run the cable, whether it is your own or you pay someone to do it, is the hard/expensive part.. so put two in in case one of them fails.

Once the cable is in place, buy yourself an access point to put on the end of the cable.. something like this

Virgin won't come and do this for you, so if it's not something your capable/willing to do yourself, any local electrician should be able to do it for you. 

edit: that said, 200ft is a long way, your cable costs might be a bit more than i'd initially thought - you'd likely need two 100m rolls - which will ramp the cost up a bit.. one connection will (obviously) do the job..

also worth mentioning that there are some stories around here of the hubs not liking very long ethernet runs - so you may need to buy yourself a cheap switch to put at the hub end of the connection - run a short cable from hub to switch and then connect your 60m+ run to that - but you can always do this after testing the hub first.. 

edit 2: also worth saying that if you have an old wifi router knocking around from a previous ISP then you could potentially use that instead of buying an access point, but it will depend on what it is (specifically) and whether or not it can be configured so that it doesn't interfere with the Hub network (most can..but some can be more hassle than it's worth)

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Re: Wifi in summerhouse

My SHED is also about the same distance, but my WIFI signal is strong enough there. Chech my sig to find out how.

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