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Tuning in
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Wifi dropping all the time.

I have the superhub 2 and I am fed up with the way the wifi drops all the time in other rooms, can't get it at all in my kitchen. Its been doing this for quite some time now and I am really fed up with it as I do tend to work from home sometimes. Has anyone had this experience with the hub2?


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Alessandro Volta
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Re: Wifi dropping all the time.

Are devices connecting ok via ethernet cable - and hence its just a wifi issue? If so have a read of the 2 "pink" posts at the top of this forum board on "tips for improving wifi" - see if any of the advice in there helps. If not you have some options. The best is to put it in modem mode and buy your own (superior quality) wireless router. Second is to call it in as a fault and say the wifi signal has stopped working and they should swap it for free (dont pay anything!). Finally you could try to get wireless boosters - VM do rent them out or you can buy your own - opinions vary on how well they work.

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