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Wifi connection poor in some areas

We've had Virgin superfast for 6 months-ish. From day one, the connection has been a bit poor. I have messaged, phoned, emailed and tweeted for help. I've followd the troubleshooting instructions,  I've repositioned the Hub 3 router, I've done signal checks on the app, I've been told I'll receive a call to arrange a free engineer visit. Nothing has actually happened, I'm still waiting for the call, and still can't use WiFi when I'm in bed. The Web page starts to load and then just freezes until I use mobile data; and sometimes I get an error message saying it looks like the connection has dropped- yet when I run the signal test again, I'm still getting a "great" result! I've tried 2 phones and a Kindle, and all fail to work in that spot. I tried to order a booster, but was going to be charged for it, which is unacceptable.  

Seriously regretting leaving Sky to join Virgin, and feel like we're throwing money away on something that isn't what we were promised, and waiting for some action to be taken. 

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Re: Wifi connection poor in some areas

The hub 3 isn't the best router to be honest.

As VM don't guarantee wifi access only wired, you'd probably be better off getting your own router and putting the hub in modem mode.

Much more configurable and usually significantly better coverage!

Hub 3 - Modem Mode - TP-Link Archer C7

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