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Wifi and network gone down

First it started with the WiFi completely stopping, not even a network showing when trying to connect through iPhones. I have a Xbox one connected through Ethernet and this seemed to work for a short while over the weekend but now has stopped completely. I have tried rebooting the superhub 2 I have, but every time nothing changes. I have tried resetting as well and yet nothing. In terms of the lights on the front of the SH2 there are no 2.4 and 5g lights and the the arrow just flashes blue. My partner has checked lots of times on the website to see if there’s any issues in our area and she mostly gets ‘there is no issue in your area’ but has also had that there is an issue and they are working to get it sorted. This has been given a time deadline which started over the weekend and continues to restart over again every other day or so. Please can someone let me know what this could possibly be because we haven’t had any service for around a week nearly now.

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Re: Wifi and network gone down

Just call it in and report it as a fault. They will test your connection to see if its ok. If it is and your wifi is dead, you need a new Hub. Or you can test by hooking a laptop or pc to the SH2 by ethernet cable and see if that works - if it does and your wifi is still dead, you need a new hub.

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Re: Wifi and network gone down

Hi, Burgs.


Sorry about the broadband issues. How's things been since posting? 


If still the same, are there any service issues listed on our status page here that can explain this? 


If not, can you sign in to the checker and run the fault test for me. 


Kind regards,

Forum Team

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