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Wifi Pods

Tuning in


Does anyone know if the wifi pods boost both the main network and guest network or just the main one?

When using the Connect app and looking at what's connected to the pod, it only appears to be devices in the 192.168.0 range rather than the 192.168.1 range (guest network).


So I suspect it's just the main network





VM Pods only extend the main network.

Use a retail Wireless Repeater to extend the coverage of the Guest Network.

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hey, paulocostello24.
Thanks for your post and happy to help with your question above, although Client62 has beaten us to it and offered some advice already which is great to see. 🙂

We can confirm that our Wi Fi Pods enhance/boost the wireless signal as a whole to the rest of the house and farther from the VM hub, so we'd expect the Connect App to show the main network info and you should be able to access the guest network as well when on range.

To double check this could you please advise if your phone for example sees the VM guest network and connects to it when the IP shows as 192.168.0?
Also, once connected to the guest network do you still see the same IP assigned to this device on your Connect App?

Let us know more, cheers.

Forum Team

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