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Wifi Pods playing up since this morning (25th)

Dialled in

Been using two Wifi pods perfectly for months however since this morning they have started playing up. White flashing lights then green. Have to keep moving them next to the Hub 5, leaving them for 20 minutes and then moving back to their original location.

Checking on the VM app, one minute nothings working (Hub + Pods, yet Hub is working fine) then i've got an additional 2 pods showing up making 4 with none connected.

Twice i;ve had to play around for an hour to get it working, and now it's stopped again.

Has there been some kind of update overnight, as seems a lot of people reporting pod issues that started this morning.


On our wavelength

Exaclty the same thing hapoened to me today. Shocking! 

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi DaveUK83,

Thanks for posting and sorry to hear you've been having some issues with the WiFi pods,

I can see it's been a bit of time since you posted, I've had a look at things from our side and everything looks to be within the specifications we'd expect.

How are things since posting?


Thank you, Both pods started working as normal again the next morning.

Hi @DaveUK83


Thanks for your response


Great to hear the pods have now started working, please do be sure to contact us if you ever require any further assistance and we'll be happy to help



Forum Team

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