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Wifi Pod makes Internet slower.

Hi All, 


Got a Superhub 4 on the Gig1 package, older phones that the kids use seem to have connection drops once you get upstairs and my sons Cloud Gaming PC sometimes has random ping spikes. So, with the explanation of the Intelligent WiFi Pod I thought it would be a solution to the connection dropouts and hopefully the random ping spikes. 


Anyway, I've had the pod for a few days. I've had it in a few locations but I've left it for the most part in the bedroom above the living room which is where the Superhub 4 is located. 


With the Pod plugged in the speeds are anywhere from 70Mb/s to maybe 130Mb/s. If I unplug the pod I get 422Mb/s or so.


I used the speedtest app to keep a log and you can clearly see a batch of slow connections and then a massive increase once the pod was unplugged. 


It's been a few days but the only thing that's certain at this moment in time is that the pod is massively reducing speeds. 


Any ideas? 

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Re: Wifi Pod makes Internet slower.

Clearly another poor attempt from VM at putting out hardware not fit for purpose.

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Re: Wifi Pod makes Internet slower.

Send the pods back.

Put your SH4 into modem mode, and buy your own router.

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