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Wifi Pod Request :-(

Settling in


I’ve tried calling virgin media 5 times and they run a technical test (automated) and then it’s an automatic machine which says goodbye! Tried on WhatsApp but they’re too busy and I can’t get through to a human! 
The WiFi signal in our home office (on the third floor) keeps dipping in and out and shows super low speeds despite the app saying they’re “great”. The WiFi works fine on all other floors in the house.
Does anyone know how I can speak to someone and order WiFi pods? It’s my first month with virgin and as you can imagine it was easier to get help/speak to a human when they wanted me to sign up!! I’m on the volt package so I thought I could get one pod included?

please please please can someone help!

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Hi @BlithRR 

You need to use the Connect app to perform the Home Scan in the area where the signal is low(est) .

The app should fine tune your connection and make it stronger in your various rooms and then if you meet the criteria order a pod for you.

(The app needs to show you get download speeds under 20Mbps to be able to order the pod )

Please try following the instructions <<< here >>> 

If that doesn't work  you can also try calling 0800 064 3850 to order a pod (they will only send out one at a time, and there must be an interval of at least one week before a second order will be accepted)

Call around 8am if possible when lines first open and are least busy.

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Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi BlithRR,

Thanks for posting and welcome to our community 🙂

Sorry to hear you've been having some issues with your connection. I can see you've been able to speak to us after posting and have been able to get things sorted.

If you do still need help with anything please let us know.