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Wifi Issues

Hi guys, 

Been having mass problems with my Wifi, it constantly cuts out for hours and doesn't reach all of the bedrooms in the house despite being encouraged to purchase Virgin boosters which I was told would definitely solve the problem. Every time I try to phone Virgin to complain the automated message either tells me they'll run checks then hangs up or when I do get to speak to someone the excuse is that there are problems in my area which will be ' fixed in a couple of days' but never are. 

I don't think I should be paying full price for a service I am simply not receiving. I can't seem to find an email address or direct phone number to complain to and am fed up of going round in circles. Does anyone have any suggestions? 

Thank you 

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Alessandro Volta
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Re: Wifi Issues

You are in the right place for help in resolving your issues.  Which Hub model do you have ?  First thing to check is how good/stable is your internet connection on a pc/laptop connected by a Cat5e or better ethernet cable straight into a Hub port.  Is that stable and thus is the problem just limited to wif connections? If it is dropping off on cabled connections too, then its likely it is a connection/network problem.

If they are saying there is a problem in the area there may not be too much you can do about it other than wait on here until a VM staff member picks this up in a few days and gives you more direct information.  You might get better info if you call 150 or 0345 454 1111 options 1-1-4-5 "thinking of leaving" then “technical issues” – (They are open Monday - Friday 8am - 8pm and on Saturday from 8am - 6pm. - 08.01 is best!) you usually get a UK call centre (it might still be a 30’+ wait though) who are more understanding and helpful.  Tell them you are thinking of leaving for Sky/BT because of these problems - and they will give you best information and/or try and sort it for you as it’s their job to keep customers.

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