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Wifi Connection constantly dropping

Just like many other users on this forum, my connection keeps dropping sporadically... 

I moved from Sky expecting that Virgin would be quicker and more reliable.... what a mistake! The connection may have been slightly slower but at least it wasn't dropping this much!

This is a HUGE problem as I'm working from home full time and need to do conference calls to connect with clients...  And not only that, when we try to watch Netflix / Amazon prime, the connection just goes down for a few seconds then we're able to connect again. 

I have several devices connected - amz alexa, laptops, smart tv, security cameras and robo vacuum cleaner.
When the connection drops, all connected devices disconnect, from what I can see;
The lights don't change - we still see a constant white light;
I don't have any ethernet connections and this is a hub 3 used for broadband only (200Mb)
The connections seem fine, I checked the wires and all seems well connected (an engineer came in and set it up for us!
I already tried to do a factory reset - didn't solve the problem.... 

Let me know if anyone has any ideas....

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Alessandro Volta
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Re: Wifi Connection constantly dropping

Try some wired connections and see if they also dropout. 

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