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Wifi Calling

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Previously I was with TalkTalk where Wi-Fi Calling worked perfectly. For me on Vodafone and my wife on O2. 

However since we switched to Virgin with a Hub 5 it hasn't worked at all. I've seen a lot of confused things about if it should work or some options to enable it - which don't appear in the Hub 5 menus. Or that it just doesn't work and I would have to buy a separate router. 

I can't believe a basic feature like Wi-Fi Calling simply doesn't work with the Hub5?

(Wifi calling is switched on on both of our phones)


Okay, thanks for letting me know.

We wouldn't be able to control WIFI calling but I have looked into all your settings and everything is fine there should be nothing to stop this.

I would reach out to Vodafone to see if they have put a block on it.

Also does it say activating on WIFI calling? Cheers

Matt - Forum Team

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It is exceptionally unlikely that both Vodafone and O2 would both put a block on wifi calling and just so happens it is on the same day as I get Virgin Media installed. Please can we get past the putting off stage and escalate to someone who can solve the problem? Thanks

PS wifi calling says 'On'

As mentioned if it is saying ;ON; this means it will be working and could be a actual phone problem.

 I would try and disconnect and reconnect to the WIFI.

Also forget WIFI and reconnect it back up.

If everything else is working WIFI wise which it is and your levels are great we wouldn't be able to offer a fix on this as everything else is working fine its most likely a problem with the phone. 

I would make sure you are on IOS16.6 if you are on the IOS17 Beta this could be another reason why its not working as this is a beta version. 

Again, if this is the case please reach out to the person who provides the phone so they can look into this as it most likely an issue with that. Cheers


Matt - Forum Team

New around here?

Thanks for your reply. In summary this just means we will be removing Virgin Media broadband at the earliest opportunity.

I am sorry you feel this way, but with all the settings as they are this does point towards the phone sorry.

I would try another phone and you should see the difference.

. If you wish to give your 30 days’ notice you can do it  by just sending a WhatsApp with a description of the cancellation to +447305 327 112 or you can send a letter to Virgin Media, Sunderland, SR43 4AA. Cheers

Matt - Forum Team

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Just to add to this topic. When I visit my mothers house both mine and my wife's phone go onto WiFi Calling immediately.

She is also on Virgin Media but uses a router that is somewhat older than my Hub5.

I beg of you can we please get this escalted beyond the 'turn it off and on', 'it is not our fault' stage.

I work in IT and this is clearly an issue with the Virgin Media router or connection it is *impossible* for it to be anything other.

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Bought an ASUS router, put the hub in modem mode. Connected to the wifi, WiFiCall appeared immediately on both of our phones /end


For a VM Hub in Router mode, VM Child Safe must be Disabled for iPhone Wi-Fi calling to work.

Worthy note to people, that IPSec passthrough must be enabled for WiFi calling to work (assuming enabled in the phone, and supported model, or if not officially supported, usually just a modern Android version for example as a number of modern Android models are not supported but still work. iPhones generally supported by operators anyway).

If you get your own router like an ASUS for example, IPSec pass through must be enabled and on VM's routers in router mode, there is usually an option for this, though I haven't checked the latest HUB5 to see if it is still on this model when in "router mode".

WiFi calling from any operator, uses IPSec to route and doesn't need NAT in the way.