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Wifi Calling

Joining in

Previously I was with TalkTalk where Wi-Fi Calling worked perfectly. For me on Vodafone and my wife on O2. 

However since we switched to Virgin with a Hub 5 it hasn't worked at all. I've seen a lot of confused things about if it should work or some options to enable it - which don't appear in the Hub 5 menus. Or that it just doesn't work and I would have to buy a separate router. 

I can't believe a basic feature like Wi-Fi Calling simply doesn't work with the Hub5?

(Wifi calling is switched on on both of our phones)


Thanks for the reply. But I think we are going around the houses with generic replies rather than attempting to actually solve the issue, with all due respect. 

The wifi coverage is perfect. I'm getting full expected speeds on both our phones. If it was a black spot then logically wifi calling would work some of the time. It works 0% of the time. 

Plus I have indeed reset the Hub5. No difference just a lot of hassle. 


Hey @markhewitt1978.

Thanks for getting back to us, the reason we are asking this as from what you have explained nothing on our Hub is wrong nor are the WIFI signals as you've said. This would usually lead us to believe it is the handset which is causing the issue, have you checked with your mobile providers to ensure WIFI calling is enabled by them, you can find our guide on how to check this here.

Hope this helps. Joe

Thanks Joe.

As you can imagine no it does not help.

Wifi calling on the handsets is fine notably;

1. On BOTH handsets it was working with both O2 and Vodafone before we moved to Virgin Media

2. It has never worked with Virgin Media wifi

3. It works fine  on both handsets when visiting other places with wifi such as where we work

It still seems you are attempting to shift the problem blame, it would to get down to fixing the issue - if there is a fix to be had.

Yesterday a van appeared outside and someone did work on the telegraph pole. Our internet went off for a short time. When it came back Wifi Calling was working! Don't know if coincidence or if someone here sorted it, but it is working!

Hi markhewitt1978 👋

Thanks for providing an update on this. I'm glad to hear the issue has now been resolved. If you do need anything else, please feel free to create a new post and one of our team/community will be happy to assist.


Reece - Forum Team

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We did manage to get wifi calling working; but it was only for a few weeks and only very occasionally. Wifi calling has now not worked for several months.

It is causing us major issues as we don't have a good phone signal here. 

Please can we have help (not just turn it off and on) to properly fix this


I am sorry to hear this.

I would make sure all your phones are fully updated if not download it reset the phone.

Also try turning it on and off, if this isn't working please try and go right next to the router or as close as you can when you set it up. Cheers 

Matt - Forum Team

New around here?

Thanks, I'm keen to get some proper help that isn't just generic update and reset the phone, as we have been on with this for months now. Please can we get past the generics and into fixing? Thanks!

I have taken a look at your connection and everything is perfect on our side, who is your mobile with? 

Who made the phone also? Cheers

Matt - Forum Team

New around here?

iPhone 11 on O2. iPhone 14 on Vodafone. All on latest iOS, both have Wifi Calling 'On'. 

I did cover above but back when we were on TalkTalk broadband then wifi calling worked 100% of the time, rock solid.