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WiFi + wired keeps cutting out randomly


I've got hub 3 and I also use powerline adapter for work in the loft. 

Since last week, maybe 2 weeks ago, it's been intermittently cutting out, at times it is so weak on the powerline that it fails to connect to my work server via vpn. 

Literally nothing has changed, we hadn't gone near the router, we don't mess around with the wires, nothing like that.

I've done the virgin media status check and the test shows there's no problems. I've done a reset of the hub, but still no luck.

At times it works fine as if nothing is wrong , but when joining teams meeting at work, it is slow, keeps cutting out and basically unbearable so I join meeting via calling in directly from my phone.

Same problem with my Mrs when she's working from home too, so I could rule out my phone and my laptop being the problem.

When using Netflix or prime videos, it can hang too at times. 

Is there any suggestions or ideas please.

Much appreciated. 


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Re: WiFi + wired keeps cutting out randomly

Powerlines can be flaky as they depend on the quality of the electrical circuitry.

If you want the best connection in the loft you should run an ethernet cable from the Hub to there and use that for all the connections.

That will be also be true for all your other connections too - ethernet is always best.

If its problematic then - assuming test ethernet connections are fine - I would suggest getting your own better quality wireless equipment

Can you just "test" on an ethernet connected computer/laptop to see whether your connection is indeed stable - if that is flakey too then you may have a Hub/network connection issue - but that will be revealed if cable connections are dropping.


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