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WiFi pods slow speeds with Xbox Series X

Joining in

I’ve tried every available contact route, virgin, even contacting plume who make the intelligent WiFi pods to attempt to diagnose the issue. 

The Xbox Series X gets really slow speeds with the WiFi pods both wired and wireless (90mb down when before I was getting 600ish). I’m a gig1 customer with 3 pods. Every other device, wired and wireless gains 600+. I’ve tried resetting everything to factory, multiple cables with no solution. My only assumption is that a pod update has messed with compatibility (Xbox hasn’t updated in a while) any ideas on what to do? 



If 90mb down involves a network cabled connection, suspect the connection has de-rated from 1000Mb/s to 100Mb/s

The usual causes are any kit with 10/100 ports e.g. a basic 5 / 8 port switch.

Or a more often a faulty network cable that is no longer in spec and generates errors at 1000 but works ok at 100Mb/s