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WiFi pods failed after power outage

On our wavelength

My 2 wifi pods are not working following a power outage. The Connect app says that according to the ‘system’ I don’t have any so I can’t connect them to my hub 3. 
Both pods are showing a slow flashing white light. Rebooting the hub makes no difference. 
Does anyone have any ideas how to fix this issue?


Alessandro Volta

Did VM forget to save settings on the hub should this happen? so that VM can set it up again and ask if you want to upgrade.  


On our wavelength

I rang VM Customer Support and they ran thru a few suggestions for things to try & waited each time for me to test them out. Nothing worked so they were just about to sort out sending me 2 new wifi pods when the tech support lady found a solution. The solution was so simple, neither of us believed it would work! It was to press the WPS pairing button on my Hub3, within seconds both pods were up and running and my wifi was restored! I thanked her profusely for her persistence. Hopefully, others with the same issue will find this helpful.