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WiFi password changed


Something really strange happened this Morning.

Both my Wifes' and My PCs couldn't connect to the internet using WiFi.

The ethernet connection worked fine on both. So I decided to log in to the Router and found the Wifi password was changed to a set of numbers similar to when the Router was delivered and first switched on. Plus, the 5ghz was changed to 2.4 2 with the password the same as 2.4

I have anitvirus up n running on both PCs(Laptops), we log out and switch of every time when not in use. I ran an online virus check through 'TrendMicro Housecall' & Maleware scans etc. But there was nothing reported in terms of a Virus or Maleware.

Could our network have been hacked? Or could there have been an overnight update to the router and caused this?

Help! Still wondering if we have been hacked in some way.

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Alessandro Volta
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Re: WiFi password changed

More likely one of the hubs many glitches.

Some other users have reported similar issues as well recently. 

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Alessandro Volta
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Re: WiFi password changed

Possibly it’s was caused by a hub firmware update. Logs should show if this was the case. 

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