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WiFi outages

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I have recently noticed that I keep getting kicked out of my internet connection ( ethernet) due to concerns over my wifi security. Norton security are very aggressive in apparently protecting me by kicking me offline. How can I stop this from happening as my wifi security isn't a problem, except for Norton.

I must admit that I am in no way tech savvy, so would appreciate any assistance offered be in 'plain English'  wherever possible.

Thanks in advance.


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Step One: Uninstall Norton security.


A screen shot or copy / paste of the Norton security message would be handy to see.

The only Wi-Fi security concern  that I am aware of is a Hub with WPA-PSK / WPA2-PSK enabled.
The preference now is for WPA2-PSK only to be enabled as the encryption mode.

Using the Hub 3 admin menu the navigation would be :

Advanced Settings >>> Wireless >>> Security

Wireless Security




Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi there @Bryzza 

Thank you so much for your post and welcome back to the forums.

I'm so sorry to hear you are facing issues with you connection and a big thank you to our community for their help so far. 

Have you been able to follow the steps recommended by Client62?