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WiFi on London Underground


The VirginMedia SSID has vanished from the London Underground network, some time during the day yesterday 30th March 2023.

After doing some digging I found an article in an ISP news website about the HotSpot service ending later this year. The same article also said that the Underground service would continue, but that people would have to switch to WiFi_Extra SSID. This is a secure network, thank goodness, but requires a username and password. Nothing has been forthcoming from Virgin about what's going on with the service or how to continue to benefit from the provision.

To be brutally honest, I looked at dropping Virgin Media as a broadband and TV provider last summer after the previous round of price hikes. It's an awful lot of money to pay when full-fibre competitors are now on the street. My housemate, who works on the Underground, said that I couldn't change provider because of the usefulness of the connectivity underground. So I'd like to know... should I now be looking to switch to a cheaper provider? Or are Virgin going to get their act together and tell people how to continue to use the service? Poor communications from a communication company.



Are you sure this works? on Saturday the tried to ask for username and password.

If you go into the iPhone settings app, click General then look for VPN and device management you should see a section for profiles. If there's one for LGI (Liberty Global International) check if there's a profile for the SSID WiFi Extra. I can't find one. 
I deleted that LGI consortium package and reinstalled it from the freshly downloaded Connect app. Still not there. 
This wasn't very difficult to get right VM. How many people are coming on here now telling you it's not working? For Android you can set it up manually. iPhones don't have a simple way to tell it to use the SIM card. Your techs have probably set up the authentication on WiFi Extea and got that working, which is no easy thing really connecting yet another different authentication source, but the connection has to handshake that SIM authentication and that's done at the handset. For iPhones you need a profile and that comes from the app. 

Definitely, this should be done, now everyone is a sacrifice.

Hello Timeport4


Sorry for the underground wireless network problems. As explained by Client62, these were ceased on the 31st March 2023 and are no longer available. We're sorry for any issues or inconvenience caused.



On your website today !!!!



You might as well instruct people to visit their local Tube station, identify a brick wall there and then repeatedly bang their head against it until they no longer care about things like WiFi. 

Ah! I see! So the information on the TfL website basically says that to use WiFi underground you should switch to one of these other providers listed. Makes sense now. Just wasn't expecting the Virgin Media customer service team to be telling people to abandon ship like that. 

Rob, you cut them off before that date. Just thought you should know. 

Alessandro Volta

I've been using WiFi on London Underground for several years without the Connect app (which I've never installed).

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To which SSID did you / are you connecting?