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WiFi on London Underground


The VirginMedia SSID has vanished from the London Underground network, some time during the day yesterday 30th March 2023.

After doing some digging I found an article in an ISP news website about the HotSpot service ending later this year. The same article also said that the Underground service would continue, but that people would have to switch to WiFi_Extra SSID. This is a secure network, thank goodness, but requires a username and password. Nothing has been forthcoming from Virgin about what's going on with the service or how to continue to benefit from the provision.

To be brutally honest, I looked at dropping Virgin Media as a broadband and TV provider last summer after the previous round of price hikes. It's an awful lot of money to pay when full-fibre competitors are now on the street. My housemate, who works on the Underground, said that I couldn't change provider because of the usefulness of the connectivity underground. So I'd like to know... should I now be looking to switch to a cheaper provider? Or are Virgin going to get their act together and tell people how to continue to use the service? Poor communications from a communication company.



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Tuning in

I am using Virgin 2 x mobile and Virgin 350mbps broadband, I will change both services as soon as possible... goodbye Virgin Media...

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On our wavelength

I'm disappointed by this too. In 2024, once there's mobile coverage at all stations, fine. But not until then.

Their website is still advertising Virgin Media WiFi.

WiFi Extra is available to O2 mobile customers. Maybe it is or will be soon to Virgin Mobile customers. I'm not sure if they're offering to broadband customers.

Apparently BAI are taking over the WiFi network tomorrow.

I haven't seen anything official on this, but I would guess there will be a network called TfL WiFi, similar to the Elizabeth Line.

Or maybe it's still just going to be WiFi Extra. We'll soon see.


Damned annoying that they terminated the existing network several days before the replacement was ready!

On our wavelength

My WiFi on London Underground has ceased ! Like so many others with virgin mobile sims and the connect app ! All my software is Upto date .

the WiFi extra login requests username and password and my virgin login credentials do not work !

can someone explain how to get this working ? Looks like virgin are not being very helpful .. and it’s not automatically connecting like been told !!

help !!! 

Virgin WiFi public hot spots are all being phased out including those on the Underground.  GSM coverage is being rolled out on the tube.

New VM customers and I believe recent contract renewals don't include access to the VM hot spots.

Hi TRT1968, 

Thanks for your post and apologies to hear you're unhappy with the recent changes. 

If you have a SIM with Virgin Mobile, O2, giffgaff, Tesco Mobile, EE, BT, Three, or Vodafone, then you will still be able to automatically connect to London Underground's Wi-Fi network. 

If you previously registered via the Connect App, you will need to re-connect via the Wifi Extra SSID, providing you have a SIM with one of the aforementioned providers.
If you have a SIM with another provider (including MVNOs using EE, BT, Three, and/or Vodafone's mobile networks), you will need to check with your provider to make sure you can still access London Underground's Wi-Fi network.
You can view more information on this directly on the TFL website here


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What's the username and password then? You can't come t using SIM EAP in iOS without a profile. The SSIDs generated in the profile by the virgin connect app don't contain WiFi Extra. 

Joining in

I’m struggling with this as well. Had absolutely no issues before but now they’ve got rid of the virgin wifi hotspots I can’t connect to anything. Seeing as virgin and o2 are together now I don’t get why we can’t connect to wifi extra automatically.

I just wanted to know whether it’s actually possible to connect to wifi extra, im on ios so when I try and join I need a username and password. I’ve not been transferred to o2 yet so the my o2 app won’t recognise my sim.

This is basically the issue. You can do it if you create a profile with the right settings but that's something only a tiny percentage of people will know how to do. That's why we have apps to do it for us. And VM need to get their act together to make it happen.