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WiFi not working after power cut

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Hello. I had a power cut this morning for roughly 3 hours. The power has now restored and the Hub is powered up but is flashing green at the bottom (the WiFi icon is solid green). However nothing is connecting to the hub and we have no internet at all. I have tried all trouble shooting suggestions but nothing works. Is this common, Any advice please?



Buy a Wi-Fi access point and configure it with the SSID needed to support the security cameras & garden gear.
Your own Wi-Fi access point will power off and back on always maintaining the desired SSID / password.

Below is a link to Amazon UK showing an example of a access point...


Hi Sabrina I responded to your message yesterday, currently awaiting your reply. 🙂

Hi @Tasha4 thanks for getting back to us.

I can see that Sabrina has indeed responded to you privately.  I will therefore leave you in her very capable hands.



Good workaround to the issue, thanks.

Hi Sabrina, All is working still until the next power outage and then I'll be back to reconfiguring my router. Is this being accepted as a bug in the hub?

Well, today there was no power cut or power failure and the Wi-Fi just stopped working, had to go through the whole lengthy process of resetting Hub 5, resetting the Wi-Fi network name. Still need to buy a router to connect essential wfii devices to compensate for the issue with Virgin Hub 5. Why does it keep doing it?

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Looking at another topic similar to this it appears to be a firmware issue.

Hub 5, Wireless SSID’s and DHCP… - Virgin Media Community - 5284392

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi Andy766702, 

Thank you for getting back in touch and updating the thread. 

We are very sorry to hear you are still experiencing an issue with the service which lead to a full reset of the Hub. 

How have things been since this happened? Have you experienced any further problems?




Today was fun, I have given up and have resorted to a factory reset of my Hub 5 and didn't rename the ssid this time. Spent 1h30m reconnecting 25 devices to the default ssid. From garage door, plugs, car charger, fridge, Google hubs, light switches and TV. At least now if there is a power cut, I won't have to reset the Hub and setup the ssid everytime just to connect back to the internet. Shame I cannot have my own ssid though. One day reconnecting WiFi enabled devices to any network ssid will be easier! Also found I don't need to use my WiFi pods as without them my internet speeds are still good all round the house and outside I still get 300MB of my 1gb connection via WiFi.