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WiFi losing connection

Hi all, I have had VM 200MB broadband for years now - probably since it came out.  I moved in to a new house in September 2013 and with that came new equipment (a SuperHub 2).

This has worked perfectly up until recently when the WiFi has regularly stopped working.  The only devices that I use to connect to the Wifi is my own iPhone and occasionally a Kindle.  The wired connection works great and is rarely, if ever, down.

However, I have noticed when I am using my phone, mainly on the browser, the connection stays "alive and connected" but there is no data.

When I disconnect and reconnect this sometimes works to fix the problem but often doesnt and I need to turn  the super hub off and on to fix the problem.

This has become a daily thing - often at least twice during the day.

The problem always seems to occur when I have started browsing for say 2 mins on my phone then all of a sudden the Wifi stops working - I can't remember even picking my phone up and finding the WiFi is down - it seems the short use on the phone stops the WiFi working which is confusing me a lot!

Any suggestions?

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Re: WiFi losing connection

Hi CullercoatsBay, 

Welcome to the forums, I am sorry to see that you have been having trouble with your wireless connection. 

I have taken a look and the connection seems to be ok from this side. 

Are you having the same trouble with a wired connection? 

Try Getting the best WiFi Signal and let us know how you get on. 

All the best


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