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WiFi issues

Joining in

I am new to 1gb Internet and am having WiFi issues with the 5x hub.

The vm connect app on phone shows an ok WiFi signal however my sky box and ring doorbell keep dropping the WiFi connection.

Is it possible to get a WiFi extender eventhough the vm connector app shows good signal?


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey ttonk81,

Welcome back to the community and thanks for taking the time to post.
I’m sorry to hear of the issues that you’re having with your WiFI connection at the moment, you should be able to order a WiFi pod via the connect app, if you scan for WiFi blackspots and it finds them, you will be able to order from there but if you've not been able to do that, we can help further from here and the package that you're on entitles you to up to 3 WiFi pods free of charge. We can order the pod for you from here, if you want us to do that, please let us know and we can get that arranged.

Kind Regards,


I ran the test but could not find a way to order the pods. Can you order them for me please?

Hi Ttonk81, 

Thanks for coming back to us for help ordering your first WIFI Pod!

We certainly can help with that here, sorry the Connect App didn't help in this case, but not to worry.

I'll send you a PM now so we can get it sorted. 

Speak soon!