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WiFi issues since request to cancel Virgin Media service

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Dear all.  I have been considering for some time about leaving VM after 22 years, owing to the huge cost of £969 per year and because I no longer have income other than pension.  Also because I mainly view around a dozen channels, almost all of which are on Freeview, plus You Tube via the TV.  Via an online chat on 9 June I cancelled, and since then I have had problems with my service.  The V6 box would not connect yesterday evening, and although my laptop and iPhone showed the WiFi symbol there was no internet connection.  After going through the suggested diagnostics the VM page offered me an engineer visit, which is booked for Tuesday morning.  Earlier this afternoon I tried activating the router again, and although it shows no flashing 'traffic' lights and the light toward the bottom is solid white and not green, the V6 box and internet services are working.  Interrogation of the router via its Network Diagnostic Tool shows "Your home network has a few problems".

My questions are:

Should I still have the engineer visit (although it is working now it is clearly not right, and I don't want to risk further drops in service)?

Has my service disruption been anything to do with my disconnection request on that same day?

Happy to hear any advice.

Thanks all.


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You could try putting  a fan towards  the modem if you have one  if you've  been having hot weather  like me. I've had drop outs all week . Now with a fan it seems to be holding connection  . But if that's  the problem  some modems  maybe  permanently  damaged  due to the soldering in the modem  device  heating up .  

Thanks.  It still seems a strange coincidence that these problems developed immediately after I'd advised Virgin of the cancellation of service.  Maybe someone from Virgin will see this post today, and respond.

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Results from the Network Diagnostic ToolResults from the Network Diagnostic Tool

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Well, despite having been offered (by the Virgin website's online faults service) an engineer visit slot for this morning, and having received a text message confirming it, no one arrived.  Via the Virgin WhatsApp today I was told that it was an appointment which I had booked (not them) and it had not been confirmed.  They want me to think it is my prolem not theirs that the appointment failed.

I just want to add that there was no mention of apology for the difficulties I have experienced with either the equipment or the failed appointment.  I asked to whom I would need to communicate in order to get an apology, thinking that it might prompt a 'sorry on behalf of the company', but all that happened was that I was sent a link to their complaints form.  Poor customer service.

Hi @BillBrum, thank you for your post. 

We're really sorry to hear what happened on Tuesday and that you feel this way 😔

Was the appointment re-scheduled and has it now gone ahead?

Please pop back to us at your earliest convenience. 


The engineer came shortly after 8.00am, but could find no faults.  The router's diagnostic tool still shows the same result that I posted three days ago, but as services are coming through I will leave it.  Thanks for your response.

Daniel_Et - this morning I received a text message to say that an engineer will attend on the morning of Friday 23 June.  Looking on My Virgin Media it shows as Order Ref: 16286045 and Services Ordered: TV.  Although I agreed to a Retentions deal there shouldn't need to be any change to the V6 box, so could you let me know if the visit is needed or if it is for something else?    Thanks.