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WiFi issue

Joining in


Recently changed my broadband package over from m250 to volt m350. Due to poor WiFi signal. I'm using hub 3.0. Both my partner and I cannot connect to the WiFi now since changing over. We are using android honor x8 mobiles. Virgin telling me its our mobiles. I contacted honor they see no issue with mobiles. Virgin spilt the WiFi  2.4ghz and 5ghz. We can connect to 2.4ghz but not 5ghz. My kids using iphones, and all other devices are fine. They connect to 5ghz.

Had a virgin booster pod delivered yesterday and we can connect to that on 5ghz. Is the hub faulty? Could someone please tell me what's happening or is anyone else having the same problem? Or found a solution? 




Hi Sabrina 

Thanks for the reply.

Your people are looking into it. Hopefully might find a solution soon

We can only connect to WiFi hotspots and WiFi boosters with our phone. So for now the agreement is I shall be sent the full amount of wifi boosters to cover my home, so me and my partner can connect to WiFi in every room. 




Hi Gavin, 

Thanks for coming back to us and updating us. We're happy to hear the team are looking in to this. 

Please keep us posted on how things go when you receive the pods and let us know if you need anything else from us. 


Forum Team

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Hi Kath_F

Im just waiting on the 3rd and final wifi Pod. Can you tell me if it has been sent? I've not had an email about it. 

Kind regards 


Hi Gavin.

Apologies you have not been given this information as yet, the pod has been ordered and shall be with you on Friday 5th, you should get a text and or an email or the 4 hour delivery window. 


Hi Sabrina

Thanks for the reply and info on the WiFi pod. 

Do you know how the issue with our mobiles and hub was corrected?

I can now connect to the hub with my mobile. 



Hi Gavin

Thanks for getting back to us. 

I can't see that any changes were made recently, so it's possible that the issue just resolved itself. When did the phones start connecting to the Hub again? Really pleased to hear it's all working now for you though😊


Hi Beth

All started working on December 28th.